Oxygen Infusions in Salinas

It was more than a few years ago that I kept hearing about the Material Girl’s skin care find. She had been receiving regular Interceutical Infusions.(Interceutical Infusion is the product name for a type of oxygen facial). I knew at the time that she was closer to 50 than 30 and her skin looked amazing! It always looked radiant and plump. I rarely noticed fine lines and wrinkles that would normally be evident at that age. She had found the Fountain of Youth! More and more celebrities have given credit to Intraceuticals and it’s now known as the Hollywood Facial. It was while I was on vacation that I finally decided to have an infusion. My skin was a bit dehydrated from a day of flying and I was feeling less than luminous. The treatment was actually very calming and relaxing. My skin looked rehydrated and plump and my skin tone looked so even…the results were better than I had expected. When I put on my makeup I was completely sold.

So what exactly is an Intraceutical Infusion ? The Intraceutical Infusion is based on a 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering process. Hyaluronic Acid is the skin’s natural hydration factor. Hyaluronic Acid is part of the fluid matrix, keeping the skin firm, tight and youthful. Boosting hyaluronic levels in the skin results in noticeably more defined facial contours and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.( YAY!) Our own natural hyaluronic acid production starts to decline by the age of 21! Dehydration is a major cause of fine lines and wrinkles and is directly related to the natural depletion of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Conventional Hyaluronic Acids used in skin care products tend to be high weight. What that means to you ,as a consumer, is that those products will not be able to penetrate deep enough in to the skin to have any effect on the deeper layers. In the Intraceutical Infusion, the low weight hyaluronics REVIVE the skin. Without first reviving the skin with hydration, moisture cannot be absorbed. The low weight hyaluronics are delivered to the skin through hyperbaric oxygen.The process of slowly gliding over the surface of the skin provides a relaxing experience.  The medium weight hyaluronics REPLENISH the skin and provide a reservoir of effective ingredients for the skin to draw from. The high weight hyaluronics PROTECT the surface of the skin from dryness and harsh environmental conditions, holding moisture to the skin.

There are a few different ways of using the infusions, based on your skin care goals. If you’re 20 something and you want to look luminous for a special event or your wedding day, you could enjoy an infusion the day before. Your wedding day makeup will go on smooth and fabulous. Now if you’re in your 30’s and beyond and you’d like to smooth, lift and hydrate your skin, you might want to consider buying the course kit. A course kit includes all of your home care products plus the serums for 6 infusions. Ideally you would do 1 infusion a week for 6 weeks and then 1 every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. A course kit would be ideal if you’re the mother of the bride or groom , or your 25 year class reunion is on the horizon.

As long as we’re living aging is inevitable, how well we age is up to us.




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