Spring Cleaning the Makeup Drawer

The birds are chipping, lupins are blooming, and the days are getting longer ! I love this time of year ! Spring is the time of year that I have my carpets cleaned, my windows washed and I start purging through my makeup drawer. I will admit, it’s far harder for me to part with makeup than any normal person. I can remember when I bought a particular lipgloss, where I wore it, what other makeup colors it looks good with and (most importantly) how it made me feel. It’s rather embarrassing…I have an odd relationship with makeup. I respect how good it can make me feel. Well…all good things must come to an end. Here’s a cheat sheet on how long to keep and when to toss.

Mascara – by far has the shortest life span. 3-4 months or when it starts to dry up and get clumpy.

Lipstick- let your nose guide you. If it smells rancid-toss it out.       1-2 years

Foundation- water based -12 mths   oil based-18mths or when it starts to seperate

Powders- 2 years

Eyeshadows-up to 3 years

Pencil Liners- up to 3 years, but sharpen often to keep free of bacteria

Concealer- 12 mths




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