A Face for Two Decades

You know what’s worse than being 17 and dealing with acne ? Being 37 and combatting acne and wrinkles ! I’ll admit that I was one of those fortunate teenagers that made it through the teenybopper years relatively unfazed by a pimple, but now as I enter this new pinnacle of life I’ve been tortured by pimples that should have their own zip code !

I’m a big believer that we are what we eat. If you’re continuously consuming carbs and simple sugars you’ll probably have a harder time achieving a luminous glow than perhaps someone who choses fruits and veggies. Sometimes it has less to do with what you’re eating and more to do with our constantly evolving body chemistry.  At the age of  36 I started having these Mt. St. Helena size “eruptions”  on my face. They would be red and painful and last for a few months. I’ve always had good skin care habits and use great products so I was sure that wasn’t the problem. As time pressed on I found that I had many friends and clients who would experience  similar problems. These were people who had never had major problems with acne.

It’s very discouraging when your face is pulled in two different decades. I had the fine lines around my eyes and lips and the less than subtle acne around my chin.  Then enter the Jan Marini Skin Care products. I was introduced to JM products by one of my clients. I took some time to read up on the  product line and research some of the ingredients before I finally placed an order. It took less than 2 weeks for me to start seeing positive changes in my skin. The fine lines around the eyes were softening and the lines around the lips seemed to be “plumping”.  After a month on the products my acne was finally under control!  As of today I’ve been on the JM Skin Care Management System for about 6 months. I do incorporate Duality (the best acne product on the market) into my routine everyday without any skin dryness. I give Duality credit for not only extinguishing the acne that I had but for preventing any further breakouts all while refining my skin so that there is no noticeable scarring. It is not a spot treatment…it is preventative care.


I love it when clients come back in after being on the system for a month and they, too, notice a positive change in their skin.  With daily use , the skin will continue to improve over time for sustained results.

If your interested in seeing positive changes to your skin, call me for a consultation.




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