Sugar Plums

“T’was the night before Christmas, when all through house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse; The stockings were all hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds , While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads;”

As I child I often wondered what a sugar plum  was…was it a candy or a fruit ? I’ve long since been a child and I’ve never quite figured out the sugar plum mystery  but I’ve come to develop my own spin on it.

“Smoke Get In Your Eyes” is an eyeshadow kit from JIMC that has all the makings for “sugar plums”. This kit has five amazing colors that span from pale pink, warm mauve, aubergine, dazzling black and a gold highlight shadow. The following is ONE of many ways to use this palette…I think this is a day look that can easily transition into evening.

1) Prep and prime skin. Apply your favorite foundation and blend well. Make sure to even the skin tone on eyelids as well.

2) Using a crease brush take the Violet color and pat it on the socket bone. This is a mineral so pat the color on first to achieve the color intensity , then with a clean eye shader blend the hard lines away.

3) With a clean eye shader gently apply the “Nude” to the lower lid…pat, pat, pat.

4) Using either a mini dome brush or an eye shader take the “Aubergine” color and pat it in the outer corner of the eye in a triangle-ish shape.( Because I like to give the “illusion ” of my eyes being awake and lifted, I use the sharp angle of a makeup wedge  and position it on the diagonal of my outer eye and I use that as a guide when applying that color on the outer corner of the eye. ) Take a clean brush and gently blend the hard edges away. You’ll also want to gently blend the outer color with the nude so as to have a nice gradation of color. With a smudge brush take the same deep color and pat it into your lower lash line to achieve the desired intensity then softly sweep from side to side.

5) Here’s where the “sugar” meets the plum . You can either add a few taps of the “Sheer Gold” from the kit or use a few taps of the “Gold 24-Karat Shimmer Powder” in the inner corner of the eye and gently blend it back.

6) Line the eyes with a brown/black or black eye pencil and soften with an angle brush.

7) Brush the brows and fill in if necessary. Don’t underestimate the importance of finishing the brows!

8) Curl lashes and apply mascara .

9) Find the apples of your cheeks and apply  “cheekie” blush.

10) Because the “sugar plums ” should have the spotlight keep the lips fairly neutral . Apply spice lip-liner and top with” tourmaline” and “pink candy” PureGloss .

This look can easily transition to an evening out look by tight lining the eye with a black pencil and adding a little of the black shadow to the outer eye. I prefer a luminous glow, so I also add some of the 24 Karat Shimmer Powder in “Gold” to the tops of the cheeks and on the cupids bow. It can also be applied to the decollete .

So here you have it…my version of “sugar plums”.

Enjoy !



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This morning as I was sitting down at my vanity getting ready to apply my makeup, trying to decide what kind of “look ” I was going for today, I realized that the smokey eye has been trending for a few years now. Has it really lasted that long…this time? I’ve sat down at a doctors office (fairly recently ) with vintage magazines on the coffee table with Cindy Crawford on the cover and she, too, was rocking the smokey eye. I suppose, just like fashion and many other faucets of  life, “what goes around comes around” truly does apply.

When the smokey eye first came back into circulation again it was very…well…smokey. By that I mean that the colors were in the grays, charcoals, black and silvers. Deep, mysterious, even a little dangerous you might say. I’ve come to translate a “smokey eye” to mean how it’s applied rather than the colors used to achieve the look . Just as there’s more than one way to cook a turkey there are many ways to achieve this sultry, bedroom look.

Let me start by saying when it comes to makeup I have a philosophy that is “non-compete”. That means that if my goal is to showcase a stunning ruby lip then the eyes will be subtle . If we’re doing a deep smokey eye the lips will be neutralized.  Combining both a smokey eye and a bold lip color is a little too Joan Collins via Dynasty era…it’s a bit dated .

1) Prep and prime face and apply foundation or base.  I’ve been using the Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics BB Cream for 6 months (which is a record for me). It’s foundation and concealer all in one ! Make sure to even out the skin on the eyelid as well. If you have oily eyelids you may want to use an eye primer to help your shadow last all day.

2) If your skin is really fair you may chose to apply an eye-gloss or tinted primer . It is easier to achieve depth of color and intensity without having to pack on the shadow. Today I used Champagne Silk Eye Gloss by JIMC on the eyelid(not extending past the socket bone). I then applied the deepest color from the JIMC eyeshadow trio Cloud Nine (purples) to the eyelid using a JIMC brush “eye shader”. Because it’s a mineral, you’ll want to pat  the color as opposed to blending it in. After you’ve achieved a uniform application go back to the perimeters of where you applied the color and blend out the hard edges using a clean brush. I then went back and applied the mid tone color from the trio and applied it softly to the crease and socket bone with a patting motion. Once again blend those edges with a clean brush. I took just a smidge of JIMC 24Karat Shimmer Powder and with a detail brush I patted it to just the inner area of my eyelid and worked it out.

3) I lined the eye with a basic black eye pencil by JIMC and with a angle liner brush I softened that line. Sweep from the inner eye and when you get to the outer corner of your eye sweep up gently. You always want that line to be swept up (makes us look awake and gives our eyes a non-surgical lift !)

4) Using a JIMC smudge brush I took the deepest color from the eyeshadow trio and patted it along my lower lash line then swept it back and forth to get the desired look. With the basic black eye pencil I then “tight lined” my eyes. (lining the inner rim of the eyes. I do both top and bottom)

5) Curl eyelashes and apply several coats of mascara. My new favorite is JIMC Longest Lash mascara in “Black Ice” (it does NOT smudge )

6) Your eyes are not complete until you’ve finshed your brows. If you’re lucky enough to have a full, dense brow then all you have to do is brush them up. If your like me, you need to fill them in a bit. I use JIMC Bitty Brow in Brunette. You wouldn’t tack a Picasso to the wall, so frame your eyes by finishing your brows !

7) Clean up any shadow fallout under your eyes. I then applied a little Barely Rose by JIMC to the apples of my cheeks. Not sure where your apples are…smile…those round “apples” popping out is where the color goes. Little by little you’ll get the desired amount.

8) LIPS !!! This is a “non-compete” so I lined my lips with the JIMC spice liner (which is becoming my new favorite) and topped it with tourmaline PureGloss.

9) If I was going out I might chose to take it up a notch by applying some individual lashes to the outer corners of my eyes .

Voila ! One way to achieve the smokey eye





Glo SkinCare Boutique

275 River Rd., Salinas, Ca. 93908





I love makeup…I really, really LOVE makeup. One of my earliest memories as a child was being in our kitchen as my mom hosted a Mary Kay party. There were several ladies sitting around the table putting on their makeup as my mom talked about the product. Over the years I’ve used makeup for different reasons. As a teenager it was to conceal freckles and blemishes. When I was a young adult it was to help me achieve a more professional look. After having kids it was my way of not “giving up” …you’ll only understand that one if you’ve had kids. Now I chose to wear makeup because A) It helps me to complete a look (innocent, sultry, sexy, approachable etc) B) It makes me feel good to look good. C) It gives me the ability to change my look without committing to something long term.

For some women, applying makeup is like  trying to find the square root of 428,954 ! It’s not that they wouldn’t love to try it , they just don’t know where to start. This article is meant to serve as a basic road map for the beginner.

1) Prep clean skin with a moisturizer and/or makeup primer.

2) Even out skin tone with a liquid foundation or mineral makeup of your choice. Be sure to cover the eyelids and even the skin tone there as well. Blend well

3) Brush and define brows with brow pencil or eyeshadow.

4) Line the upper eyelid with a brown/black or back eye pencil and soften the line with a small brush.

5) Curl the lashes and apply mascara. Since this is a party look apply multiple coats of mascara and consider applying individual lashes to the outer corners of the eyes.

6) Highlight the inner corner of the eye (near the tear duct) with a soft gold eyeshadow. You can also highlight a slim area under the brow but make sure to blend this area softly, you can use your finger.

7) Time to add color to the cheeks…In order to find your “apples” you’ll need to smile. That round area that pops forward is the apple of your cheek. This is where blush goes. Always start with a little…it’s easier to add more than to have to remove or tone down. For the holidays I suggest a berry color !

8) LIPS ! I know this is where some women can get nervous about wearing a bright color, but this is the focus of this look so GO FOR IT ! Because lips are the focal point of this look we want it to last a little longer, therefore I’d suggest using a lip pencil to define the lips as well as fill in the lip area. You could use a berry pencil but a neutral colored pencil would work as well. Then top with the berry lip color of your choice . Right now I’m loving both Cosmo and Cherry Sparkle PureGloss by Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics.

9) Highlight ….this is purely optional. I like a little healthy glow, this is where I’d add a little highlight to the tops of the cheeks and possibly the center of the forehead.

Voila ! You are now ready to get your Holiday Jingle on !!!

Enjoy !



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