Sugar Plums

“T’was the night before Christmas, when all through house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse; The stockings were all hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds , While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads;”

As I child I often wondered what a sugar plum  was…was it a candy or a fruit ? I’ve long since been a child and I’ve never quite figured out the sugar plum mystery  but I’ve come to develop my own spin on it.

“Smoke Get In Your Eyes” is an eyeshadow kit from JIMC that has all the makings for “sugar plums”. This kit has five amazing colors that span from pale pink, warm mauve, aubergine, dazzling black and a gold highlight shadow. The following is ONE of many ways to use this palette…I think this is a day look that can easily transition into evening.

1) Prep and prime skin. Apply your favorite foundation and blend well. Make sure to even the skin tone on eyelids as well.

2) Using a crease brush take the Violet color and pat it on the socket bone. This is a mineral so pat the color on first to achieve the color intensity , then with a clean eye shader blend the hard lines away.

3) With a clean eye shader gently apply the “Nude” to the lower lid…pat, pat, pat.

4) Using either a mini dome brush or an eye shader take the “Aubergine” color and pat it in the outer corner of the eye in a triangle-ish shape.( Because I like to give the “illusion ” of my eyes being awake and lifted, I use the sharp angle of a makeup wedge  and position it on the diagonal of my outer eye and I use that as a guide when applying that color on the outer corner of the eye. ) Take a clean brush and gently blend the hard edges away. You’ll also want to gently blend the outer color with the nude so as to have a nice gradation of color. With a smudge brush take the same deep color and pat it into your lower lash line to achieve the desired intensity then softly sweep from side to side.

5) Here’s where the “sugar” meets the plum . You can either add a few taps of the “Sheer Gold” from the kit or use a few taps of the “Gold 24-Karat Shimmer Powder” in the inner corner of the eye and gently blend it back.

6) Line the eyes with a brown/black or black eye pencil and soften with an angle brush.

7) Brush the brows and fill in if necessary. Don’t underestimate the importance of finishing the brows!

8) Curl lashes and apply mascara .

9) Find the apples of your cheeks and apply  “cheekie” blush.

10) Because the “sugar plums ” should have the spotlight keep the lips fairly neutral . Apply spice lip-liner and top with” tourmaline” and “pink candy” PureGloss .

This look can easily transition to an evening out look by tight lining the eye with a black pencil and adding a little of the black shadow to the outer eye. I prefer a luminous glow, so I also add some of the 24 Karat Shimmer Powder in “Gold” to the tops of the cheeks and on the cupids bow. It can also be applied to the decollete .

So here you have it…my version of “sugar plums”.

Enjoy !



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