The Skin, Sun and Hyper-pigmentation

             It still amazes me how so many people still don’t make the connection between sun exposure and hyper-pigmentation. I can’t even begin to count how many times this same conversation has happened with different people .

New friend – ” So you’re an esthetician ?? Does that mean that you rub the skin and put on creams and potions? “

        Me    – ” Well, actually, I perform a facials and peels, wax various areas of the body, apply makeup, and advise clients on the best skin care products for their skin care concerns or needs.”

New friend – ” Oh…I used to have some acne (scrape, scratch, scar etc ) here (points to spot) and after it finally went away I was left with these reminders. What can I put on to get rid of the dark spots?”

       Me   – “Tell me a little about your skin care routine?”

New friend – “I wash my face with a cleanser that I bought at CVS and I put on moisturizer .”

      Me  –  “What are you doing to treat the hyper-pigmentation and protect your skin from the sun .”

New friend-  “All I do is wash and moisturize.”

          Me –                                        ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

         Sunscreen is not one of those products that should sit idle on a shelf waiting for a day at the beach to get some action. Sunscreen is an everyday, 365 days a year product. Here’s the cliff notes version of why it’s so important to wear SPF, especially if you’re combatting hyper-pigmentation or prone to it.

The skin’s natural defense to the sun is a tan. A tan is a sign of skin injury. Any time the skin is injured (scrape, scratch, acne, cut etc ) the skin’s natural response to heal itself is by sending melanin to the surface of the skin. If you are not protecting your skin from the sun, (topical vitamin C and SPF 30 are a dynamic duo ) you’re only allowing the problem to worsen.

        There are products on the market to treat and correct hyper-pigmentation, but make it a priority to protect your skin from further damage by applying sunscreen. You wouldn’t feed, bathe, and love on your dog only to send him out into a busy intersection ?

         Reason’s I’ve heard for not applying SPF

“It makes me break out “

“It’s in my makeup”

“I’m never outside, I just drive 45 minutes to work but I’m in my car.”

“It feels goopy and my makeup doesn’t go on well over it.”

“I wear it when I go to the beach or lake.”

         –  There are noncomedogenic sunscreens on the market. Which means that the product won’t clog your pores.

        –  Makeup may have a SPF of 15 (on rare occasions a mineral may have a 20 SPF) but 30 is the magic number.

        –  Being in your car in not like being in a bat cave. Most people have more hp on the left side of their face from sun exposure while driving.

        – Sample and check out many different sunscreens. Some are so light weight and silky feeling they go on like a makeup primer.

        – It’s great that you wear it to the beach and lake but it’s needed everyday !

Enjoy !


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