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Smokey Eyes

This morning as I was sitting down at my vanity getting ready to apply my makeup, trying to decide what kind of “look ” I was going for today, I realized that the smokey eye has been trending for a few years now. Has itCONTINUE READING

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Holiday Party Makeup

I love makeup…I really, really LOVE makeup. One of my earliest memories as a child was being in our kitchen as my mom hosted a Mary Kay party. There were several ladies sitting around the table putting on their makeup as my mom talked aboutCONTINUE READING


Spot Be Gone

I’ve had freckles for as long as I can remember. I don’t ever remember a time when I had even skin tone. All I ever wanted was to have porcelain skin. Even as an early adult, when it was still customary for a young girlCONTINUE READING

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Make up and Acne

We spend a lot of time and money trying to put our best face forward. Since you can’t see a great personality from across the room our face is the world’s first impression of us. Unfortunately, some of the makeup products that we use toCONTINUE READING

Winterizing Your Skin

Our days have grown shorter, our evenings are much cooler and retail stores have ALREADY started decorating for Christmas. It’s true…fall is now upon us.  Although I love the change in seasons and the colors that it brings to the foliage I’m not fond ofCONTINUE READING

Skin Care and Aging

It goes without saying, if you’d like to age gracefully you’d better pay attention to your skin.  As women age our hormone levels change. Our oil glands that are responsible for naturally lubricating our skin, are starting to slow down. Our skin becomes less ofCONTINUE READING

Your Skin Is What You Eat

  Let me be blunt…healthy skin begins with a well balanced diet. Do you remember the the old saying, “you are what you eat?” Well it’s true ! Your body can’t produce healthy skin without proper nutrients. On the flip side of the same coin,CONTINUE READING

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Hello World

Hello Peeps, For those that know me (and know how computer savvy I’m NOT ) you can appreciate what a labor of love it was to design a website AND  blog online. I’m forever grateful to The Business Card Shoppe for their patience and prodding.CONTINUE READING

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If Michelangelo was a Makeup Artist

It wasn’t long ago that I attended my first IMATS show. Now for those of you not in the beauty biz, that would be International Make-up Artist Trade Show. This show is 3 fun filled days of lip gloss, drag queens, and , of course,CONTINUE READING